How does REMOVU R1 work with your Camera?

GoPro camera sends real-time video at 432 x 240 resolution in HLS codec by WiFi. GoPro user can view Camera’s captured video at real-time through their smartphone or pads with WiFi function. REMOVU R1 receives the video file from GoPro camera by WiFi and displays it on LCD like smartphone.

What is the working distance for video stream?

The working distance between REMOVU R1 and camera varies. If there are many WiFi signals, the distance may be shorter. Our recommended distance in city environment is about 10m.  But the max. distance in open space is about 50~70m.

Why there is a time gap between Camera and REMOVU?

All Video streams have time gap. This gap depends on video codec and device performance. GoPro camera uses HLS codec for streaming and has better video quality & compatibility for WiFi devices. However, HLS codec has longer time gap than other codecs like MJPEG. If we use smartphone for live view from GoPro camera, there is about 1~2 sec time gap and this depends on smartphone performance. Currently REMOVU R1 has about 1 sec of time gap now and we are still trying to make it shorter.

What’s the difference between REMOVU R1 and a Smartphone app?

It is mountable, stronger, longer range and more cost effective than an app

Can I use REMOVU R1 underwater?

NO, You must under no circumstances use REMOVU R1 under water. The most important reason is REMOVU R1 is not waterproof but splash proof Also, the WiFi signal becomes very weak under water.

Power is on, but there is no live view. Why?

  • Check if Camera’s WiFi is turned on. The camera WiFi must be turned on to send video stream.
  • Check if REMOVU R1 is connected to Camera WiFi. If this is your first time to connect to the camera, you may need to set SSID & Password of your Camera.
  • Check if REMOVU R1’s battery is charged enough. If battery is too low, WiFi stream function may not be activated.
  • Check if the distance between REMOVU R1 and camera is adequate. If they are too distant, the video cannot be streamed well. Our recommended max distance between R1 and camera is 10m.

My REMOVU R1 is on but it seems frozen.

Open your USB cover on the left side. Under the USB plug, there is the Resset Button. Press the Resset Button with a pen or pencil until the LED light switches off. Then turn the device on again.

How can I charge it?

You can charge it using computer or any USB wall charges via a USB port built into REMOVU R1. The charging cable is provided.

If "USB Connected" error message appears after update.

Please disconnect your USB and then reboot.


If "Invalid Firmware" error message appears after update.

It means that the firmware file has been damaged or fragmented. Please remove all files in the storage and download the firmware file again from the website.


If "Same Firmware Version" error message appears.

It means that you are trying to update the firmware with the same version. Please remove all files in the storage and reboot.


If "Low Battery" error message appears after update.

Please recharge the REMOVU and try again.


If No Firmware to update message appears after update and reboot.

Please remove all files in the storage and copy only the .bin extension file in the storage ant reboot.


If Low Firmware Version message appears after update.

It means that the latest firmware is already installed. Please remove all files in the storage and reboot.


If you do not see your camera on your network list.

In order to establish WiFi connection between R1 and GoPro, the GoPro needs to have its SSID. The SSID can be generated through the GoPro App. Before using with R1, please establish connection between GoPro HERO4 and GoPro App to generate the SSID.