RM-X16S (3)
RM-X16S (3)
RM-X16S (1)
RM-X16S (2)

RM-X16S Extension Backdoor for S1 (HERO3/HERO4)


S1 Extension back door for X15S rainproof housing



  • Extension back door for Rainproof housing for HERO4, HERO3+/3
  • Designed to cover GoPro LCD, Battery BacPac and A1 receiver of REMOVU M1+A1
  • Durable Polycarbonate material construction


*This is made specifically to fit with RM-X15S, REMOVU Rainproof housing for S1.  It is NOT for GoPro’s waterproof housing for HERO4 and HERO3. 



** GoPro camera, REMOVU M1+A1, and REMOVU X15S rainproof housing in the picture are not included in the product

5 in stock (also available on backorder)