Firmware Version 1.7.0


Please read the instructions below to update your REMOVU R1.

Firmware Upgrade Guide


Please make sure to recharge your battery before upgrade. At least up to the orange level of the battery indicator.
When copying and pasting the unzipped firmware file to REMOVU R1, only the extracted files need to be moved to the root of the REMOVU storage. NOT A FOLDER or ZIP FILE.


Please visit page to download the latest firmware.


Download the firmware file ( and unzip the file on your PC or Mac. You will get r1_151.bin and rv_110.img files.

Click to view example:
1. Downloaded Zip file
2. Extracting
3. Extracted files

Turn on the REMOVU R1.


When “Select Camera Network” list appears on the REMOVU screen, connect the device to your PC or Mac using the USB cable included in the package.


Copy and paste the firmware files (r1_151.bin, rv_110.img) to the root of REMOVU storage drive. Do not move the zip file or any folder into the REMOVU storage.

Click to see the Procedure
1. Copy
2. Paste
3. Files in REMOVU Storage

When the files are successfully copied into the root of REMOVU, disconnect the device from your PC or Mac.


Restart your REMOVU.


The REMOVU logo will appear and it will start its upgrade process.
Cautions : If you are upgrading from 1.0.1 version(The first version of REMOVU R1), your REMOVU needs to reboot twice to complete the update.

Click here for details(for 1.0.1 users)

You are ready to go extreme with the latest firmware.